Semester I

  1. Legal etics in midwivery profession
  2. Reproductive health and Family Planning
  3. Basic biology and development biology
  4. Basic midwivery skills 1
  5. Concept of midwivery
  6. Basic social and cultural science

Semester II

  1. Basic midwivery skills 2
  2. Communication in midwivery profession
  3. Bahasa Indonesia
  4. Public health
  5. Civic education
  6. Guidance of midwivery pregnancy
  7. Midwivery quality service and public health

Semester III

  1. Research method and basic statistics
  2. Guidance of midwivery in delivery and new born baby
  3. Guidance of midwivery in childbed and breastfeeding
  4. Guidance of midwivery neonatal babies and pre-school children
  5. Guidance of midwivery in neonatal maternal emergency

Semester IV

  1. Guidance in midwivery community
  2. Psychology of education
  3. Religion
  4. Sport/art/nature conservation and environment/anti-corruption education
  5. English (TOEFL Preparation)
  6. Educational technology and learning media
  7. Educational administration and management
  8. Learning evaluation and remedial

Semester V

  1. Midwivery practice I (pregnancy, childbirth, childbed, family planning, neonatal, normal babies and pre-school children)
  2. Midwivery practice II (Guidance of midwivery community, reproduction health and neonatal maternal emergency)
  3. Midwivery practice I (comprehensive)